• Orono Schools #DreamBig
    Orono parents and community members have provided over $7 million to Orono schools in 17 years.  This extra funding supports additional teachers, coursework, technology, and teacher training that help Orono Schools rank among the very best. Investing in our children, teachers, and schools is investing in our future. The possibilities are endless. Let’s dream big!


    Thanks for helping the Orono Foundation continue to meet Today’s Needs and Tomorrow’s Dreams!

Your Continued Support is Needed!

We are fortunate to live in a community that values excellence in public education. Your generosity has allowed us to continuously invest in teachers, curriculum, and technology for over 17 years. The cumulative effect these investments has helped propel Orono to become a top-ranked and high-demand school district. We are grateful for your support and all that has helped Orono Schools accomplish.

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Many Ways to Make an Impact

The Orono community is filled with those who prioritize education and want to ensure our schools continue to be among the best. Click HERE to learn more and see  7 easy ways you can help make an impact.