Donating to the Annual Fund means you are supporting a yearly grant given to the school district that is used to address the most pressing educational priorities. This fund helps support a variety of activities and programs including:

  • Teacher positions to maintain smaller class sizes,
  • Advanced placement curriculum,
  • STEM programs,
  • World language offerings,
  • Academic based service learning experiences, and
  • Character program enhancements.

Since 2000, the Orono Foundation for Education’s Annual Fund has raised over $6 million for the Orono School District to maintain reasonable class size and enhance curricular options for students. Every gift, no matter what its size, makes a difference. Most donations are less than $1000, but together the donations to the Annual Fund make a substantial difference for the schools and students.

Everyone Counts.

Your gift, no matter the size, makes a difference to every member of the Orono Community. Because of you, we are better together: fiercely committed to raising funds for today’s needs and tomorrow’s dreams.