Maintaining Excellence at Orono Schools

We are so grateful our community is filled with parents and other community members who prioritize education and want to ensure our schools continue to be among the best. In 17 years, parents, alumni, and community members have provided Orono Schools with nearly $7 million of additional funding through the Orono Foundation. These additional funds have helped propel Orono Schools to rank among the very top, but we can’t take these achievements for granted. In order to maintain and further advance the excellence of Orono Schools, we need to continue to step up. Below outlines the different ways financial donations can be directed.

Annual Fund Donations

Donations directed to the annual fund supports the immediate needs of the Orono Schools, including teacher training, technology and curriculum, and additional teachers and specialists. Click HERE for more information and video.

Excellence Funds Donations

Donations can be much more targeted when directed toward an Excellence Fund. There are seven Excellence Funds:

  • Academics,
  • Arts,
  • Athletics,
  • Buildings & grounds,
  • Leadership & ethics,
  • Teacher development, and
  • Technology

Click HERE for more information and videos.

Endowment Fund Donations

Donations directed to the endowment fund are used to increase the provision of a consistent, long-term funding stream that empowers more strategic planning for the future. Click HERE for more information and video.

Bash Fund-A-Needs:

Dollars support a variety of priorities set in conjunction with District Leadership each year, and is typically announced at the annual Gala. Past Fund-a-Needs have included support for a 3-D Printer, World Languages, Service Learning, and other district-wide initiatives.

Scholarship Funds:

The Orono Scholarship Fund, established in 1955 by Orono alumni, is now a standing committee of the Orono Foundation for Education. Each year, the Orono Education Fund grants college scholarships to Orono high school seniors based on the Orono schools’ scholarship-recipient recommendations. The requests are evaluated and awarded on the basis of merit.

Memorial Funds:

Donations given for specific projects are part of the Orono Foundation for Education’s Memorial Funds. These gifts are separate from the unrestricted donations used towards the annual grant for the Orono schools.  Some donations are given to celebrate a milestone, memorialize a loved one’s death or honor a friend or family member in a meaningful way.  In the past, donations to the Memorial and Designated Gifts Funds have sponsored motivational speakers, character-building programs and improvements to playgrounds. Donations have also gone towards new language software, building projects and book acquisition. Memorial Gifts and Designated Gifts are an important part of the Orono Foundation for Education and can be a special and unique way to honor a loved one.

Please contact Kari Groth Swan, Executive Director at the Orono Foundation to learn more about the various opportunities in giving toward any of these Funds.